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Conservation Goals/Progress

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District has committed, along with other members of the Utah Governor’s Water Conservation Team, to reduce per capita water use 25 percent by the year 2025. This is a statewide goal that all agencies are working toward. Weber Basin’s goal is to comply with the statewide goal to achieve 25 percent savings by 2025. This conservation goal will ensure that the District can meet all the water demand needs, while future water development is planned and implemented. If future population projections occur, conservation coupled with future water development will be needed to meet all water demands.

The District has been promoting conservation measures for over a decade. The following chart illustrates the progress that has been made related to water conservation since the year 2000. We believe that much of the conservation ethic and success began during the drought years from 2001-2005 and has continued since that time. As population continues to grow, we have been able to maintain conservation practices and reduce overall demand in a significant way. We wish to thank the public for responding to these messaging and encourage continued effort to increase efficiency and eliminate water waste whereever possible. With regards to water conservation, there is still much work to do. Weber Basin will continue to promote and provide conservation education and conservation related programs now and in the future. The greatest potential for conservation exists in our landscape water use. Look for ways in which you can eliminate waste and schedule your landscape irrigation correctly to save millions of gallons a year.

The following table shows the percentage of water use reduction that has been seen for the total municipal and industrial water that was delivered throughout the Weber Basin Service Area.