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Water Checks

Free Water Check Program

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A water check, also called a sprinkler system audit, is a series of tests on the irrigation system of a home or business. The tests will help determine several things including:

1. how much water the irrigation system is applying (precipitation rate);

2. the rate at which the water is moving into the soil (soil type);

3. how evenly water is being applied to the area (distribution uniformity);

4. sprinkler system pressure;

5. root depth of the lawn;

6. general items that may improve efficiency (tilted heads, sunken heads, misaligned sprinklers, etc.).

The water check is free to the public and generally takes about one hour to complete. A general walk through of the entire system will be conducted,with a “catch cup” test being conducted on a couple of representative zones.Recommendations will be given and should be applied, assuming the whole system is generally in the same condition.

If you are struggling to know how long you should water or how much water is being applied and would like help in figuring out how to properly schedule your irrigation for your landscape, call for a free water check. The program operates from May through August and is available to all residents in Davis and Weber, Counties.

To sign up please call 801-771-1677

Do-It-Yourself Water Check Brochure