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Why Conservation?

Why is water conservation important?

We are all very fortunate to live in such a great area where we have a fairly reliable water supply from year to year.  The majority of our water comes from snow melt runoff from a large area beginning in the high Uintah Mountains.  We are also fortunate for the vision and forsight of those in earlier generations that saw the need to develop these water resources and construct an infrastructure that supports our water needs of today.

With all the planning and forsight and the appearance of a very adequate water supply, the need for water conservation exists, primarily because water demands are increasing and the future development of water will be limited and very expensive.  The Utah State Department of Planning and Budget projects that populations in Davis and Weber County will nearly double over the next 30 years.  With a doubling population and limited future water development, the existing water supply will not meet the projected demands. 

Water conservation serves as a water source to enable the current water supplies to be sufficent for a larger population over a longer period of time.  The District has a goal to reduce per capita water use 25% by 2025.  There has already been significant reduction in water use but there is still room for improvement on efficiency and eliminating wasted water.  The District hopes that individual water users recognize the need to be more efficient and make needed behavior changes to eliminate waste. 

The greatest potential for water conservation exists with landscape irrigation.  It is estimated that 60-65 percent of all municipal water use goes toward irrigation of landscapes.  Much of that water is considered wasted because of the inefficiency of sprinkler systems, poorly designed sprinkler systems, or human behavior in not managing the water.  There is also a direct corallation with water use and landscape health.  Too often, homeowners are applying about twice as much water as they need to keep lawns and gardens healthy and maintain the landscapes they desire.  

Please take some time and learn why water conservation is important in long term stable water supply.  There are plenty of resources available and information on how to achieve the landscape style you want while reducing the amount of water applied to maintain it.  Thank you for your efforts in helping us continue to provide water for all our needs and varied uses.