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Garden Basics

The Learning Garden Rendering

                                                       Garden Rendering

The Learning Garden was designed to be a beautiful, educational place, where anyone can come and learn the basic principles of proper landscaping to achieve water savings and have the aesthetic quality desired from a home landscape.  There are several areas of the garden that have a specific purpose and principle to teach.  The numbers on the above rendering represent the displays and messages that are taught through the design, plant selection, irrigation and how the areas are maintained.  The areas include:

1.  Residential Front and Back Yard Examples

2.  Commercial Landscape Applications

3.  Irrigation Demonstrations

4.  Turf Grass Varieties

5.  Mulches

6.  Soils and Soil Profile Demonstration

7.  Raised Vegetable Bed Garden

8.  Park Strips

9.  Xeric, or Lower Water Use- with gravel mulch

As part of an overall public education effort and as an example and demonstration to the public on proper landscaping and water efficient practices, the District has constructed a Water Conservation Learning Garden. It is approximately two acres in size and provides the public an opportunity to see and learn a variety of proper landscape information.

The water saving landscape principles that are demonstrated include: proper planning and design, proper use of beautiful plant material (right plants in the right places), proper use of turf, efficient irrigation, various irrigation system methods, soils, mulches and maintenance. Visitors can see various turf varieties, mulches, native plants, hardscaping ideas, vegetable raised beds and example front and back yards meant to provide ideas and education to all visitors.

The Learning Garden was completed in 2008 and is maturing and improving each year. As it continues to mature, the Learning Garden will be a valuable asset and will provide a valuable resource to the public on how to have beautiful landscaping while reducing outdoor water needs.

The Garden is located at the District headquarters site at 2837 E. Highway 193 (Hill Field Road) in Layton, Utah. The Garden is free to the public and is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. May through October and 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. through the winter. It is anticipated and hoped that thousands of residents will visit the Learning Garden each year and use the information in their own landscapes.