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Plant lists & Searches

Weber Basin Water’s Learning Garden was established in 2008. The Garden consists of various displays that follow the principles of water efficient landscaping. Plant selection is very important and grouping the plants with similar needs together is vital. The plant lists provided here are for those plants growing here at the Learning Garden. There are other plants available that grow well in our climate. This is not a comprehensive list of what will or won’t grow successfully and be water wise or water efficient. We hope the lists are useful for you. The list is in brochure print form for visitors to the garden.

Learning Garden Plant Lists





Ornamental Grasses

Ground Covers

Cacti, Yucca and Succulents

Deer Resistant Plants

Other resources for additional plant lists and for searching for water wise plants online are available from the following links (this is not a comprehensive list for good plant lists and searches):

Conservation Garden Park Plant Search http://www.conservationgardenpark.org/plant/Default.aspx

Utah State Division of Water Resources http://www.waterwiseplants.utah.gov/

Central Utah Water Conservancy District http://www.centralutahgardens.org/plant_search.aspx