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Presentations 2015

Welcome to the 2015 landscape and gardening classes information. This section will have slides and information that was presented in the landscape classes offered in 2015.  For classes where no slides are presented, there will be no information here.  Depending on the handouts (if any), they will also be displayed here.  Click on the links to open the presentations and the handouts (all pdf format).

Feb 28.  Sowing Seeds Successfully

       Handout USU extension - Grow Your Own Transplants at Home

       CSU Seed Viability Information

March 14  Proper Pruning Practices   Slides from class

      Pruning the Orchard- USU publication

      Pruning Landscape Trees (Handout)

     10 Basis of When and How to Prune (Handout)

     Successful Fruit Tree Pruning  (Handout)

March 18   Vegetables, Herbs & Raised Beds

     Prior Raised Bed Presentation  (Slides with info from prior class)

     Prior Veggie Presentation (not the slides from this class by Britney)

     http://extension.usu.edu/yardandgarden/htm/vegetables-herbs---  Great USU resources for many publications on growing Veggies and Herbs

     Building Raised Garden Beds -   Handout

     Raised Bed Gardening-  Handout

     Veggie Varieties for Utah-   Handout

     Veggie Varieties for Utah

March 28  Proper Pruning Practices  Slides from presentation

     See handouts from above under the march 14 pruning class links.

April 8  Organic Vegetable Gardening   Slides from presentation

    Organic Fertilizer Handout--  Link to USU document

    Preparinig Garden Soil--   Link to USU document

    Successful Pest Manangement-   Link to USU document

April 18  Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers   - Handout for general guidelines of successful planters

April 25 Popular Perennials and What's New

    Slides (from Power Point Presentation)

    Handout that follows slides

May 6   Bee Happy!  All About Bees

     Slides from Presentation

May 23   A Rose For Every Garden

     Slides From Presentation

June 10   Identify, Eliminate & Prevent Weeds

     Slides from the Presentation

August 12    Rock Gardens and Succulents

    Slides from the Presentation

August 26   Incredible Edible Landscaping

  Slides from the Presentation

September 19    Bloomin' Bulbs

  Slides from the Presentation

November 21  Planting for Winter Interest

 Slides from the Presentation