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Presentations 2016

Welcome to the 2016 landscape and gardening classes.  This page will provide you with the information that was presented as slides for any class that has a slide presentation.  For classes with no slides, there will be no information unless there were useful handout worksheets.   Handouts will be here if they are available from instructors to be posted.  All files are in pdf format.

Perfect Park Strips- Class from prior year by request from several people --- Link to Slides

March 12   Pruning Like a Pro:  Fruit Trees  -- Link to slides

March 26  Pruning Like a Pro: Fearless Pruning (Ornamentals and Roses)  -- Link to Slides

April 6  Keep Calm and Garden On-  Britney Hunter USU-  Handout (use websites on Handout for more info)

April 23 Contempory and Classic Containers-   Link to Slides

May 4  Veggie Gardening from A-Z- Link to Slides

May 21  Grow Greener Grass- Link to Slides

June 15   Creating A Cactus Garden-  Link to Slides

Aug 6  Eat, Grow, Love-  Link to Slides

Aug 20  Saving Water For Emergencies-  Links to Slides

Aug 24  Home Pesticide Options and Safety-  Link to Slides

Oct 12  Winterizing Your Garden, Saving Your Seeds-  Link to Slides