WBWCD Drinking Water


WBWCD provides drinking water to municipalities, water companies and individuals in Davis, Weber, Summit and Morgan Counties for over 50 years. Approximately one-half of the total drinking water demand in Davis and Weber Counties comes from WBWCD. WBWCD owns and operates three water treatment plants, located along the east bench, with a combined capacity of 94 million gallons per day(MGD). In addition to the treatment plants, WBWCD also operates 13 deep ground water wells for their drinking water supply. These wells add another 52 MGD of capacity, for a total capacity of nearly 150 MGD.

The treatment plants have some of the most advanced methods for drinking water treatment in the world, including sodium hypochlorite generation, ozonation, and ultra-violet disinfection. The plants have personnel present 24 hours per day to continually check water quality and treatment processes.

WBWCD’s distribution system has over 70 miles of large diameter pipelines and over 30 million gallon of storage. Sophisticated water quality monitoring equipment, located throughout the system, continually monitors the water for any changes in quality.

WBWCD’s water quality goals are much more stringent than those of the State and Federal government.