Fluoride Related Information

WBWCD has been directed by the Davis County Health Department to add fluoride to drinking water supplied to Davis County. No other county within the District receives water with added fluoride.

  • Applicable Regulations
    • Dosing/Monitoring/Reporting
      • The Davis County Health Department (DCHD)is responsible to regulate and enforce all aspects of fluoridation in Davis County.
      • Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) are also enforced by the Utah Division of Drinking Water (DDW).
    • Design Criteria/Operating Permits
      • The DCHD requires public water systems to obtain an operating permit from the DDW who enforces standards of design and construction for all chemical feed system relating to drinking water.
    • Operator Training
      • The DCHD regulations states that all operators must receive a minimum of six hours of fluoridation training, as recognized and approved by the DCHD. Training shall include, but is not limited to the following: operator safety, fluoride analysis, emergency response procedures, equipment operation and reporting.
    • Emergency Procedures
      • OSHA’s HAZCOM standards require that Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are posted in chemical storage areas and employee be trained in hazards and emergency response.
  • District Criteria
    • Dosing/Monitoring/Reporting
      • The District will fluoridate as outlined in the DCHD regulation.
    • Design Criteria/Operating Permits
      • Initial Inspections
        • DDW personnel reviewed and approved all aspects of each fluoride feed system’s design and installation prior to issuing the operating permits.
      • Follow-up Inspections
        • Inspections will be performed for each feed system as part of a sanitary survey completed every 3 to 5 years, either by the DDW or DCHD.
    • Operator Training
      • Initial Training for Employees
        • Prior to beginning fluoridation, all personnel whose job duties related to fluoride, completed 8 hours of training which included the following:
          • Chemical handling and safety, provided by Thatcher Chemical.
          • Feed equipment and instrumentation operation, calibration and maintenance.
          • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for operation and maintenance of the system.
          • Emergency response procedures (ERPs)
      • Annual Refresher Training
        • Each year all employees, who operate or maintain any portion of the fluoride feed system, complete 2 hours of refresher training on the hazards, safe handling, ERPs, and SOPs relating to fluoride.
      • Emergency Procedures
        • MSDS information including ERP and spill reporting requirements are outlined and kept at each facility.

    Any HEALTH questions, call Davis County Health Department - 451-3296