Press Release

15 May 2015

Contact: Tage Flint
Weber Basin Water Conservancy District 2837 East Highway 193
Phone (801) 771-1677 Layton, Utah  84040
Fax (801) 544-0103 www.weberbasin.com


Layton, Utah. Due to the extremely low water supply, Weber Basin Water Conservancy District's Board of Trustees has approved an immediate reduction of 20% to all agricultural irrigation water customer deliveries (including wholesale and individuals) and all wholesale secondary water deliveries. All outdoor (secondary) water users are to abide by the following restrictions:

• water no more than 2 days per week from now until June 15th

• water no more than 3 days per week from June 15th to Labor day (September 7th)

• water no more than 2 days per week from September 7th to October 1st

The District does not allow outside watering between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Given the extremity of this year's conditions, excessive watering of any type will not be allowed. These watering policies will be strongly enforced. District personnel will be patrolling our service areas to ensure this policy is kept. Those who fail to comply with this policy will risk losing secondary water service for the remainder of the season and be subject to additional charges.

In an effort to help conserve this precious resource, the District will cease all irrigation and secondary water deliveries on October 1, 2015. This early shutoff will help conserve water for next year's needs.

With these reductions, we would invite you to learn some basic landscape management principles that will assist you in maintaining your landscape with less water. Resources are available at www.weberbasin.com/conservation. Check out the resources and links to research and self-help information and apply these principles which will provide a landscape you enjoy with less water.

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District has committed, along with other members of the Governor's Water Conservation Team, to reduce per capita water use 25 percent by the year 2025. We would encourage all water users to learn how to manage this resource wisely every year regardless of the type of water year we are experiencing.