Water Quality Lab

Weber Basin Water Quality Laboratory

The Weber Basin Water Quality Laboratory is an integral part of the Districts overall scope of operation providing analytical and sampling services to the District, the Weber Basin Water Quality Management Council (a consortium of Weber and Davis County Health Departments and the District), various Federal, State and customer agencies, and the general public.


The laboratory is certified under the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program, as administered by the State of Utah Bureau of Laboratory Improvement, to perform an assortment of tests including organic, inorganic, metals and bacteriological analysis.


The laboratory possesses the capacity to acquire samples and analyze those same samples. This combination of acquiring samples and the ability to analyze them provides incredible flexibility and power to the District by making possible the ability to sample at any time and any where in the watershed, the treatment plants, or the distribution system.


Monitoring of the watershed, treatment plants, and distribution system occurs on a routine basis in order to maintain baseline conditions and for regulatory compliance purposes. Analytical results acquired from these monitoring efforts can be used as a tool by management and treatment plant personnel in their decision making process.


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