Weber Basin would like to provide clarification on whose responsibility it is to repair a leak – whether it is the homeowner or WBWCD. The division of responsibility, in terms of whether the homeowner or WBWCD is responsible for fixing a leak, depends on the location of the leak in relation to the location of the curb valve.

The curb valve is typically located in the park strip inside a 4” diameter cast iron, bolted lid. This is WBWCD’s valve and is only turned on or off by our personnel. A curb valve key or horseshoe key is required to turn this valve on or off. WBWCD is responsible for the system upstream of this valve or toward the street. Downstream of this valve, or toward the homeowner’s property, the user is responsible for the system and all leak repairs. You may click on the diagram below for a visual reference.

Download Diagram
Download Pre-1990 Diagram

If you notice a leak (i.e. water bubbling up in the road or water bubbling up on your back property line) on WBWCD’s distribution system, please contact WBWCD at 801-771-1677 as soon as possible.