Replacement Water Program

Replacement Water Program

Many residents within the WBWCD do not have access to a municipal or community water system and must depend on alternative sources for their domestic water. Additionally, some municipalities and public water systems located away from main waterways require groundwater for which no new appropriations are given. Utilizing WBWCD owned reservoir storage rights, drinking water purveyors and individuals may contract with WBWCD for a water supply which, along with an approved exchange application from the State Engineer, permits drilling of a well to meet the needs of these individuals.

Before submitting your completed replacement water contract, be certain you contact the Division of Water Rights (801-538-7240) to verify that no moratorium on water diversions has been placed on your area. For example, there is presently a moratorium on the Snyderville Basin/Park City area of Summit County that prohibits new sales and new well permits.

If you are interested in contracting for replacement water to use on your property in Summit County, Morgan County or the upper valley of Weber County, click on one of the links below. You will note one contract is for use in purchasing up to 5 a.f., another for purchasing more than 5 a.f.

If you are contracting as a water company or home owners association, and do not own the land you will be serving, it will be necessary your entity complete the Replacement Water Contract and the Mortgage and Security Agreement. Collateral described in the Mortgage and Security Agreement should be equivalent to at least three years’ assessments. View Replacement Water Contracts Map

This Petition to WBWCD for the Allotment of Water should be used for new replacement water sales of less than 5.0 a.f.

Download Petition for Purchases of 5.0 a.f. or less

This Contract should be used for new replacement water sales of 5.0 a.f or more. This is also the contract form that should be used for new purchases by water companies or homeowner associations.

Download Contract Purchases of 5.0 a.f. or more or Purchases by Water Companies/Homeowner Assns

This Mortgage & Security Agreement should be used by entities contracting for replacement water to use on land not owned by the contracting entity such as water companies, homeowners associations, etc.

Download Mortgage and Security Agreement