Executive Staff and Board of Trustees

Executive Staff

  • Scott Paxman, P.E.

    General Manager / CEO
  • Darren Hess, P.E.

    Assistant General Manager / COO
  • Jon Parry, P.E.

    Assistant General Manager / Strategic Initiatives
  • Brad Nelson, P.E.

    Assistant General Manager / CTO

Department Managers

Josh Hogge, P.E.

Municipal and Industrial Water Manager

Riley Olsen, P.E.

Power and Irrigation Manager

Sam Sorensen, P.E.

Construction and Maintenance Manager

Kathy Wood, SPHR

Human Resources Manager

Shane McFarland, P.E.

Engineering Manager

Kendall Searle

Administration Manager / CAO

Gregory Pierce

Information Services Manager

Calysta Bravo

Finance Manager

Board of Trustees

Jared Andersen

Morgan County
Mr. Andersen represents Morgan County and is currently serving as a Morgan County Commissioner. He is a licensed civil engineer with over 20 years’ experience. He is a life-long resident of Morgan County and is actively involved in his community, serving in various leadership capacities.

Mark Anderson

Davis County
Mr. Anderson was appointed to the Board to represent Davis County. He is a licensed professional engineer and has spent his career dedicated to the field of water. He serves as a director on several water boards and is involved in many civic and religious affairs.

Kym Buttschardt

Weber County
Mrs. Buttschardt was appointed to the Board to represent Weber County. She owns several successful local restaurants and is a CPA. She is an Ogden native who is very active in the community.

Randy B. Elliott

Davis County
Mr. Elliott was appointed to represent Davis County. He is currently a Davis County Commissioner. He has been in several leadership positions and previously worked with legislative officials in Washington DC. He has spent his career building successful businesses and is very committed to his community.

Scott K. Jenkins

Weber County
Mr. Jenkins represents Weber County and has served as Weber County Commissioner. He is a past Utah State Senator where he served as the Majority Leader from 2009 to 2012. He is also a successful business owner and very active in the community.

Gage Froerer

Ogden Valley
Mr. Froerer represents Ogden Valley and is currently a Weber County Commissioner. His professional experience includes being a Real Estate Broker and Business Owner. He has served as a State Representative at the Utah House of Representatives from 2007-2018.

Chris Robinson

Summit County
Mr. Robinson is the representative of Summit County and currently serves as a Summit County Council member. He is the CEO and co-owner of The Ensign Group, LC. Mr. Robinson has experience in all facets of real estate, enjoys participating in numerous sports, and is involved in his community.

Angie Osguthorpe

Weber County
Appointed to the Board as a representative of Weber County, Ms. Osguthorpe is currently the President/CEO of the Davis Chamber of Commerce. She is involved in many civic organizations and enjoys volunteering and participating in athletic events.

Paul C. Summers

Davis County
Mr. Summers represents Davis County. Before retirement, he spent 13 years with the Utah Division of Water Resources and 20 years in the engineering consulting business. He is a licensed civil engineer in the State of Utah