Rebate Information

Get money back for purchasing water saving technology and fixtures.

Application Pause Notice: Landscape Lawn Exchange & Flip Your Strip Rebates

We appreciate your interest in contributing to water conservation efforts through our Landscape Lawn Exchange and Flip Your Strip Rebates programs. Please be advised that we are currently not accepting new applications for these initiatives.

We are diligently preparing to reopen the application process and look forward to your participation. April 1, 2024,  is the anticipated date when we will begin accepting new applications.

To apply or learn more about these programs, please visit on or after April 1, 2024. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Why We Offer Rebates

Water conservation is one of the most efficient ways to ensure we have enough water for our growing population. To make conservation easier for homeowners Weber Basin Water provides rebates for various products that help save water.
Rebates Available